We look to the brain to capture customers’ hearts. Once we unlock your purpose, in-depth data analysis reveals insights that allow us to resonate with your market on an emotional  level – deep in the limbic system of the brain.

We combine science with storytelling to  build long-lasting connections with the right  customers, which we demonstrate with real-time, ongoing reporting. It’s the smarter way to do marketing, when you think about it.

Define your purpose and you will find your customers

We are marketing advisors with an approach rooted in deep intelligence, backed by facts, figures and commercial acumen.

I found working with the brains trust at Limbik insightful, creative, highly intelligent and resourceful. I would recommend Limbik to any entity that is serious about their business, and wanting to create a unique brand presence, that not only sets such business apart from the competitors, but as importantly resonates and gels with the values and legacy of such business.- David Jacobsen, CEO DG